Christine McDonough

I started Infertility Illustrated when I realized I was in the same place I’d been two years previously…having just relocated to a new city and going through a miscarriage simultaneously.  I decided to draw a little sketch and the rest is history.

Infertility Illustrated is designed to illustrate an average day in the life of someone dealing with infertility.

I am currently based in Chicago, IL.

Fertility Stats:

  • 5+ years trying to get pregnant

  • 10 rounds of fertility treatment

  • 4 rounds of Letrozole (similar to Clomid)

  • 2 ectopic pregnancies

  • 1 less tube (due to ectopic rupture)

  • 2 IUIs

  • 1 full round of IVF

  • 2 cases of OHSS (1 severe)

  • 3 frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles

  • 3 miscarriages (including the ectopics)

  • Currently pregnant with our first!!